Web Site Preparedness

Web Site Preparedness is important, especially just before the holidays. Now that winter has finally come to neck of the woods. My asked me to help her by pulling together a winter kit for her car. Of course I said yes…then I started to think of all the that thing that should be on that list.

Web Site Preparedness

Winter driving preparedness is an incredibly complex and long list. You will need snow tires,  a tow rope, maybe a new batteries, flashlight, extra wind shield wiper fluid, maybe some kitty litter, and the list goes on and on. Look at the image I included at the top of this Web Site Preparedness blog. And I don’t think that image is complete.

To have your Web Site Prepared need you will need many things setup before the holidays as well. Do you have inventory, to have shipping materials, will you need part time or additional holiday help.

Have you done any SEO? Do you have a properly functioning shipping and checkout software? Do you have a social media plan… that is working? Are you actively blogging and staying engaged with you good clients? Do you have a plan in place to more your good clients into great ones, and just average clients into great good ones? This like the picture above this is not a complete list.

In In Conclusion

Web Site Preparedness is tougher than most people think. There are a lot if parts you need to keep moving all at the same time. There is not any one of them that is a individual answer. You need them all from e-commerce software to shipping and tracking software, even a plan to get product to the post office or fed-ex etc.

Don’t let Web Site Preparedness overwhelm you, just be thorough and consistent and you will get it all done just In time to start all over. Measure test re-measure, then test again and so on.

And as always use www.e2-ts.com to help you with Web Site Preparedness