Visual SEO

You have all too often heard me speaking about quality, relevant content. Today is not going to be very different with one minor exception. Today I want to cover the visual appeal of your website. Not just the color pallet, or template you are using, today we are going to cover the importance of high-quality pictures and their naming convention.

Many of the items listed in this blog can be created with very little effort. But I will also point out that building skills in these visual areas or having access to a visual content creator will be benefit in increasing your ability to create content that will help grow your business with Visual appeal and SEO.

Teaching SEO and online marketing

It has always been well known in academia circles that students or any learners will gain, and retain much more knowledge if the material is fun, attractive and keeps their attention. Sometimes, involvement; like having them get up and move around is benefical.  The same is true of any online information you want your viewers to learn. Here are a few tips.


Photos can tell 1000 words. Think about photos that you use on your site. Pictures have become so important, that is why we all have cameras that can take internet quality pictures. Then email, Face Book or share them with friends. Think about the impact, they can immediately convey; fear, happiness, anger, beauty, love and much more. This will help impact your visual SEO.




If you ever have a lot of technical data, or numbers to convey or show a group, a graph or a chart can convey it quickly and efficiently. Graphs can come in many different shapes and styles, pie chart or an “X and Y” Graph, a bar chart and many more. These will surly improve any visual SEO marketing.

Visual Representations

A visual representation of a concept can help people understand. This can also provide an in-coming link building opportunity for you as your representation of a concept, or idea may be just what was needed to promote interest and excitement.

Info Graphics

These are graphics that help us to understand a process or a concept. They are heavily used by marketers to help deliver a message which depended on text explanations in the past.

I once attended a presentation on how to work a room. It was well presented as a topic and the entire presentation was based on this single info graphic. As an example of an “info graphic” you can see how this is effective. Graphics will help your visual SEO.

Graphics and Illustrations

Graphics and Illustrations scan immediately convey a Visual SEO message. These are images that are immediately impactful and understood. The visual SEO message will not need much copy or long and lengthy explanations.


Colors can also convey a wide range of emotions. Reds, yellow, and oranges often serve as a warning or alarm color. While blue’s, greens convey a peaceful or trusting color. Be sure to consider color and their importance to the message you are trying to express in and Visual SEO application or program

In Conclusion

You can see that colors pictures, graphs, illustrations or photos can have a very powerful impact on your visual SEO planning. And always remember to use for any or your SEO needs, including visual SEO consulting.