SEO – Can you Unplug?

On Saturday March 1-2, 2013 it was National Unplug Day. The concept is simple. We all live ever increasingly technology driven lives. The idea is to go a full 24 hours Unplugged from all technology.  Can you handle being unplugged

Unplug from Technology

Recently one of our SEO coulleques tried to go the whole month of January unplugged. The idea is based on the simple fact that we let technology control our lives. By unplugging from all un-necessary technology you can get reacquainted with all of the things that really matter.

Just think of all of the things you would have to avoid. Cell phones, Emails, X-boxes, Servers, Laptops and the internet. In extreme cases you might even consider conventional or cable television and land line phones. Then obviously anything Satellite related and our cars are even high tech these days. There goes all of our lives.

Can you live without it?

According to his own SEO blog our colleges’ world did not end while unplugged. In fact he found it quite liberating. He spent his time running, reading, enjoying family and friends. His very important job/office, did not fall apart. Even counterparts on work team, and development groups, did not collapse without being fully connected.

My question is what would happen to the SEO universe if you did not use technology for a whole day. The short answer is nothing. You clients will still rank, your seo methodology’s will continue to work, and the internet will be there the next day. In addition your blood pressure might actually go down a little.

I am guilty!

I must admit that I applaud the idea. Unfortunately I had a client meeting and used my car, laptop, cell, and check on my SEO efforts for a few select clients. When I arrived back home, I tried to unplug, or unwind a little. I walked my dogs, spend some high quality time with family. Then I turned on the stereo, and listen to some music. Then watched the news, and completely fell apart when I couldn’t play SEO KeyWords With Friends. I am only kidding, my day was not that bad. It was hard, but in the end it was enjoyable. However, I did finally (after sunset on Saturday) sit down and write this blog.

I rarely plug anyone, but the two sites to check out are: and  These are the sites that are spear heading the National Day of Unplugging.

The Rub

I find the concept admirable, but SEO is so much of what I do that I found it hard to Unplug. Apparently so did both of these sites. They both encouraged us all to “Download the I UNPLUG TO _____ poster, take a photo with it and upload your image”

Then use Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, to “share your unplugged efforts with your friends” The Irony is getting awfully thick in this SEO blog, and the Unplug effort.

In Conclusion

It is a great Idea for all of us t to unplug and unwind. I know I can use it as much as anyone. However, I did find it almost impossible to completely unplug for a whole day. I still encourage you all to try it. All of those emails can wait at least one day, while you try unplugging.

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