Good Thing

Can you really have too much of a good thing? I am a winter sports enthusiast. Those of you that follow this blog know I live in the mountains. I love snow, I snowmobile from my own driveway, I downhill ski, I cross country ski, and I snowshoe.  However, the people in Boston do not feel like I do about snow. They have had too much of a good thing. In the west we are nothing short of a drought. We have been breaking all kinds of records for high temperature. I have a friend that says he just shoveled 24 inches of sunshine off his driveway…

A SEO Good Thing

Search engine optimization is more infinite that finite. The reason I can say that is because it is always changing. By the time you have your site fully optimized, the rules have changed and you have to begin again. But can you have too much of a good thing? The answer is no you cannot  have to much optimization, ther question is do you you’ve the right optimization tools working for you.  Just like the people in Boston, they have so much of a good thing they don’t even know where to put it. If you have too much optimization do you know where to put it? Tools The number of tools that constitute too much SEO continue to grow. It is also complicated by the Google algorithm that is always changing. Every website is different, and it may be online for any of a variety of reasons. Is it a simple brochure site, or an ecommerce site, is it just there to promote your business.  Either way, you must constantly check and change (update) your optimization.  You cannot really have too much of a good thing if it is appropriate.  Do you use links, Facebook, twitter, keywords, metadata, or just great content? Are you naming your photos correctly, do you use pdf’s and no follow links. The list goes on and on.

In conclusion

I think snow is a good thing. Although most of Boston may dis agree. I know high quality optimization is a good thing. The question is, do the search engines agree? You can’t have too much of a good thing if you know where to put it.   And always have help you find your good thing!