Spice Up Your Blog

If you want more followers for your blog Spice up your blog. I love the irony of every holidays, blogging about them and spicing it up. I couldn’t help myself but writing about spices on Thanks Giving and spices up our blog. I have always preached the concepts of quality content  writing compelling content for our followers. Today’s Spice up your blog will focus on these same SEO principles…

How to Spice up your blog

SEO and spicing up your blog means you aren’t writing like a turkey. That is funny, especially this week. I have a few close colleagues that works in the SEO industry as well. We argue all of the time, mostly to test ourselves and our SEO ideas and principals.  It is always in good spirits and never mean. We all strongly believe in blogging as a tool to help in ranking a site and improving its SEO or position on the search engines.  Thier newly updated sites are AGLOBALREACH.COM, and  RidgeviewTechnology.com

Evergreen SEO

If you spice up your blog you will also have ability to drive viewers to your core SEO or evergreen content as it is commonly referred to.  If you are writing spicy blogs, your core content should be just as appealing and interesting. You can never write one spice blog and expect anyone to follow you.

In conclusion

If you want to spice up your blog write real, relevant, compelling content. SEO and the ability to spice up your blog are learned skills. There are several habits of a good blogger they include:

  • Write on a regular basis
  • Concentrate and focus on a topic
  • Read or study a lot yourself
  • Educate yourself often
  • Revise, revise, revise

Nothing is ever done correctly the first time. You can and should revise and re-write several times before you publish your blog. Read it out loud to yourself and make sure it is clear and concise. Let someone else read it, then ask question about their understanding of your topic. And for goodness sake Spice Up Your Blogs.

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