Silver Bullet’s

and the Silver Bullets. I have mentioned in past blogs that my company does many thing. Obviously SEO, web development, copywriting, blogging, social media management and so forth. What has begun to concern me is the view and understanding of the consumers. Whether they are students, existing clients or even potential clients the all have one thing in common. They tend to look at the internet with blinders and ignore …

SEO Ignorance

Maybe ignorance is a harsh word. But is has become increasingly clear to me that even though the information given is holistic  and broad minded in approach, students and clients can tend to be narrow in their thinking.

The class that I teach for the Score Association, and the Small Business Administration is call “Marketing in the Internet Age” I had worked in conventional  marketing many years ago, long before I migrated to the internet and content or SEO marketing. The class is well round, we consider affordable forms of marketing for startups. Then moves on to more expensive and elaborate forms of internet marketing strategies.

SEO and Many Bullets

The primary SEO problem for most new adopters of Internet Marketing and SEO practices is are limited in both thinking and scope. They also tent to end up reactionary. Even good SEO takes time. New users tend to grasp one concept and run with just that concept.  For example they might fall in love with idea of Facebook and social media, and think that the likes and new clients will just roll in. Then they will get annoyed or upset when it does not happen quite that way.

In Conclusion

There are many bullets in the gun of SEO. You cannot, and should not throw all of your eggs into just one basket. If you truly want to see success in your SEO, use some or part of all the SEO bullets. There is not just SEO silver bullet. If you leverage all of the bullets, Social Media, Linking Building, Focused Keywords, Blogging, Copywriting and more you will surly hit what you are aiming for.

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