SEO Services in Salt Lake City

It has been a rumor for a while that there would be another devastating “Penguin” release soon. It has been feared, anticipated, loathed, run from, and run toward. Well it is anther weekend and I slept quite well last evening. Even though Matt Cutts himself had let it slip out twice recnetly that the new cute fuzzy creature was about to attack!…

Sound, Solid, SEO Services

I think to paraphrase what Mr. Cutts actually said is that there would be a correction of about 0.3% of all English speaking  queries or searches. This is always good information to have. But it is folly to prepare for and attack just minutes before it happens. Especially if you knew it was going to eventually happen anyway.

Back to Basics

Solid, Sound, SEO Services are by far the best practice to use from the beginning. Short cuts and quick fixes are never the answer. SEO services that include high quality Content , both viewer side and spider side. Keywords… yes keywords. Do not abuse them but include them in your meta- information and front page content. It has been said that Google is punishing Links… I suppose that is true. You should only be worried if you use link farms, low quality, empty links, and mindless or meaningless links. And for high quality SEO Services you will always need to include some social media seo service in your offering, or business model.

SEO SERVICE is not Rocket Science

It has been said that every business is a stool with only three legs. Service, Quality and Price. You can provide any two of these legs, always at the expense of the third. I disagree, to provide quality SEO Services for your clients you must provide all three.

This includes a back to basics approach. There has never been a Panda or Penguin indicative that punished a site or webmaster for using quality seo service as their basis.

In Conclusion

SEO SERVICES should be based on sound practices. BACK to BASICS should be your cry, just before you sleep soundly through the next Penguin initiative. No this is not an announcement of the next penguin. But if you provide solid SEO Services with sound business practices, you can sleep well through the next one… and there will be one.

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