SEO New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions for 2013 We all make them, by the end of January, we all disregard them. Approximately, 62% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. Only 8% will consider the outcome successful. Many resolutions are Get Fit or Healthy, Quite Smoking, Lose Weight, Finish the Bucket list, Get Organized and alike. However, how about committing to something you can succeed at?

In the New Year, resolve to achieve winning SEO for your business, all you need to do is…

SEO Content for the New Year

SEO content is a growing trend. Content Marketing is a far better description. Most people recycled old content then posted it on a free article sites, with a link back to their site. NO MORE! Content is King, you must write fresh compelling realistic, relevant content. Pertinent to your business or the subject you are composing it for. No more sloppy content. Resolve to make it real, make it relevant, and write it now.

Link Building is a SEO Must

Link building is essential for any authoritative SEO program or strategy. In the New Year of 2013 find a reputable SEO firm to help formulate a dominant link building program. Not the lazy link farms that any trustworthy professional loathes. A meaningful, thoughtful, strategy, with relevant content, and link building velocity. Resolve to acquire high quality links in the New Year.

Social Media SEO in 2013

Social Media may sum up 2013 in a single phrase. Although sometimes social media still seems to be struggling to find its own identity on the internet, it cannot be ignored. They go by many names, large players like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pintrest and many more, they must be respected. Although currently free for the user, these media companies are figuring out how to market themselves to corporate marketing buyers, without offending their users. When they get it, look out, the sheer number of consumers is staggering and will be formidable. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are watching, and paying close attention. Google has already announced their additional credibility algorithms for users that have socical media accounts. Resolve to join social media during 2013

Traffic and Brand Building

SEO Branding is crucial and achievable. With constant high ranking, and increased internet traffic your company’s site and brand will grow expidentially. The consumer’s watch who is winning the search game. You must capitalize on your SEO successes this will increase you brandings effectiveness. This is called “the snow ball effect” keep it growing. Resolve to build more creditability through Branding via web traffic.

In Conclusion

In 2013 make a New Year’s Resolution to improve your SEO. It is far easier than getting healthy or losing 15 lbs. I have often said “there is no one magic SEO bullet” You must find an SEO pro like e2-Total Solution, make a plan, then work the plan together. Accept the fact that business, and the internet are fluid, and are likely to change or evolve. Expect them to, and then you can make exciting changes like Panda work for you.

The world is getting flatter (smaller) every day. Embrace it in 2013 with your SEO Professional and New SEO resolutions!