SEO is Key

SEO is key, that is a simple fact. You have heard me say many times that Content is King.  However, when I say that what comes to mind? I guess to know what is meant, you must have a better understanding of what complete Content actually is.


SEO content is generlly thought of as text on a web site or web page. Mostly that it true, yet there are many more items on you web sites that demand close attention. When referring to SEO key content, you should consider everything on your site as having some SEO value. Text is self-explanatory. What about your images? They have value, and can even be used to help explain the purpose of a web page to Google and the other search engines.

If you would take advantage of the ALT tag attributes you can explain the image, and its purpose related to the keywords coded into that page.  This helps the search engines properly index your site.

Many Keys on the SEO Key chain:

There are far too many items to go into just one blog post; we will discuss many of them in the coming posts. They are not limited to but will include topics like Appropriate URL’s, Title Tags, Both Meta Descriptions and Keywords. Do you use XML site maping, Robo Text files, H1 H2 and H3 tags and much more?

In Conclusion:

I think now you know with just the few issues I mentioned there is a lot to consider when trying to get you site rank correctly for the key SEO terms and phrases you want.  It is a lot of work to get it done properly. There are no short cuts when considering SEO Key and all of your Content as having SEO Key value.