SEO in the spring

We have had many discussions about winter or Christmas SEO. Today is May 10, 2015 are you ready for spring or summer SEO? Those of you that follow this blog know I live in the mountains. Well I received over 10 inches of snow last night. Which makes me think about optimization, why do we focus on the jolly holiday, when we should be that focused all year long?

We also need to worry about Optimization during the rest of the year. Today is the 10th of May. What have you done to improve you rankings since December? Ranking improvement and SEO is a all year long process.


SEO and Google do not sleep; they need to and will crawl your site 24/7/365. That is their job. However you should be expecting that. They want to, and will inspect your site for relevance and content every day. You should never plan to just start prepping for Christmas in November and be rewarded. It is a yearlong process. Stay on top of your SEO year round.


Your SEO ranking will be determined by several factors. Content, Relevance, Architecture, Text to html ratio’s, Photo naming conventions and much more. Now would be a great time to be planning for th future.

In conclusion,

SEO is a process not an end point. You will never say “OK I’m done” You must and always need to stay on it. Once you rank well, the algorithms will change. So check your position and ranking on a regular basis. If you will flow these simple rules, you can win the battle for internet dominance. What is the point, regardless of a site built for just exposure or e-commerce? You want to and need to rank on the first page. So get after it right now!

And always call for help in all of these arrears.