SEO is a Machine

SEO is a like a machine. All machines by definition are comprised of both moving and immobile parts.  There are supplemental parts like nuts and bolts, castings and more. However, machines by nature are inefficient. So we use gauges to measure effenctcy, SEO is no different, we must measure it to know…

SEO is a Machine

SEO has a lot of parts, and sometimes too many moving parts can be dangerous. There are a lot of moving pieces in the machinery we call search engine optimization. Their names are Copy and Content, Relevance, High Quality Link Building, Meta Descriptions and Keywords, to name a few. If they are not working together it can be dangerous.

There are fluids in the engine. If we consider the fluids that lubricant this engine Social Media. Then the slippery components in this device would be Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and M-space just to name a few. The variety, quality and viscosity of these liquids is growing and changing every day.

Gauges to Measure SEO

Every engine has gauges to measure performance. SEO is no different. The types of tools and devices also have many names. On a motorcycle we would use a speedometer, tachometer, pressure gauge to quantify performance. In SEO these tools would be called Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN or any search engine.

If you consider the ultimate success, or measurement of your SEO effort, as “being found for a relevant search” Then search engines are the only true tool used to measure a successful campaign. You must be ranking at the top to consider your machine high performance.

Supporting Parts

In the motorcycle analogy there are many additional components that assist in the performance. These would include tires, body design, cooling and fuel. The same may be true in quality SEO. Consider ease of navigation, attractiveness, simplicity, convenience, and yes relevance as important support mechanisms.

In Conclusion

Just like a finely tuned Harley Davidson, your SEO must be firing on all cylinders. You need all of these components working in unison.  All the pieces must fit tightly together, all of the fluids must be full, you must have as many supporting devices working to your advantage as you can get.

In short, to win the SEO race, you must build it well, build it right, and make it beautiful. And of course always use the best parts. Or in other words use only professional SEO companies for copy, content, link building, design, and social media.

And always remember, too many moving parts can be dangerous! You must know, and understand the purpose of all the parts in your SEO machine.