SEO for ROI that is Search Engine Optimization for a simple Return on Investment. I love what I do for a living. It is fun, exciting and sometimes challenging, however, occasionally I need to be brought back to planet earth. I have said many times that I blog about client conversations. This week I was humbled and brought back to earth during a conversation about SEO and the potential of a great ROI for a new client…

Search for the Return on Investment

Search Engine Optimization is specifically what I do for a living. I eat sleep, dream, about the internet and how to help all of my clients rank better on the World Wide Web. I know this sounds silly, but to a true optimizer, the internet and search engines are predictable. Of course there is the infrequent panda or penguin that pops up, but if you are being honest, true and practice “white hat” techniques these little animals will not mess with you to much. In fact I always applaud Google when they happen.

Google is only trying to provide the best search results that they can. That is why they own over 85% of all daily searches worldwide.

SEO for a client

When approaching this client, I had a drop dead, right on proposal. I had done my research; I knew who the competition was and I knew what it would take to get them ranked. After all, that is the whole point of SEO, however, this was an e-commerce site. I knew how to get it ranked, but the client did not care. Our conversation quickly turned to the numbers. If he ranks here now, then spends this much more money, then where will he be and how much more money will he make then?

Being the owner of an SEO firm and longtime salesman, I was certainly able to walk him through the numbers. It made complete SEO & ROI sense. I did close the deal and have a new SEO client.

However, SEO and ROI

During the ride back to the office, I began to consider the conversation. He really did not care about ranking, position, search engine optimization or anything like that. All he cared about was the potential return on his investment. That sound weird but, it is really ingenious.  A true business man does not care about keywords, meta tags, H1 or H2 tags, copy or linking, or what SEO is. All he wants to know is… If I spend XXX number of dollars with your firm, how many more dollars will I make.

In Conclusion

It is sometimes humbling being brought back to reality. I tend to get caught up in the mechanics, and sometimes forget the reason, or reality of why I do what I do. So keep your eyes on the target, and keep the real perspective in mind. It is SEO for ROI.

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