SEO Fire Starters

Light a Fire Under Your SEO

If you have been reading my blog for a long time, then you probably know that I live as remotely as I can possibly get in the mountains. When I say remotely, I mean as far off the grid as I can get and still have high-speed internet, occasionally go out to dinner with my family, visit clients and have an international airport close enough to travel as needed. Nonetheless …

SEO and Fire Starters

However, along with the normal creature comforts, we like the mountain and forestry life style. We have a fire pit, and spend part of our time every summer cutting and splitting wood, and I enjoy being outside in the fresh air as well as the exercise. None the less, winter is coming, in fact yesterday was the first mention of snow. I heard it from our local weather man. Football season has started and winter is just around the corner. You might be asking yourself what in the heck does any of this have to do with SEO or fire starters.

Well I will tell you. Several years ago my wife found a recipe on Pintrest (of course) for making fire starters. Basically we save our egg cartons, collect lint from the dryer, gather or pick up pine cones from under the  trees in our yard and finally buy paraffin wax or use crayon’s or any other waxy source to bind them all together.  Because it is getting colder and football is in the air (Utah beat BYU yesterday) it just feel s like fall, my wife decided to gather all of the parts and pieces of our fires starters, and assemble them this morning.

Gather all SEO parts.

So while I was helping assemble all of the pieces and part to make this winters fire starters, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between high-quality fire starters and high-quality SEO. We started with a miss matched bunch of components and then with skill and knowledge, as SEO professionals, bring them all together and create nothing short of a force of nature  and in the right hands, it can be devastating or life giving.

In Conclusion

Your clients are expecting you to be a fire starter. Remember you have a lot of tools and control in your hands. Build your SEO “fire” using all of the tools at your disposal, however your SEO fireplaces must be thoughtful, and under control. Build your fire safely, be sure that it is well thought out, for both the client, and end users.

Always use to help build fire with your SEO plan.