SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is such a important  industry, companies make (or lose) thousands and thousands of dollars simply based on their position in search.  I mention that just to highlight the fact that the algorithms used by Google, Bing and Yahoo! are extremely complex.  Meaning, they are not going to be “duped” by stuffing a bunch of keywords in your webpage or other “black-hat” methods.  It is imperative that your SEO copywriting be fresh, on-topic and focused on the keyword phrases you are targeting.

Writing Copy for SEO

We always recommend our clients focus on the most commercially valuable keyword phrases for their specific business.  That is: The phrases with the highest volume of searches and the lowest competition.  These can be found by using Google Keyword Tool or a number of other free services.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are all focused on providing the users  with accurate search results.  They are ranking websites higher, that have good, creative, original content related to the specific keyword phrase being searched for.  That way, when you or I search for “blue widgets”, we are directed to webpages that have lots and lots of good information about “blue widgets”.

SEO copywriting should always be original content and be focused on the keyword phrase or phrases for which you are most interested in being ranked highly.  Keyword “stuffing” and other techniques are no longer tolerated or rewarded.  The content on your site should be valuable to the web-visitor and provide good quality information about the topic for which they searched.

In Conclusion

Moving forward, we encourage you to focus your efforts on the keyword research first.  Ensure that your website is fully optimized for those commercially valuable keyword phrases second.  Keep your site full of current, compelling, creative and consistent content or hire someone to do it for you.  It will maintain your professional image and your efforts will surely be rewarded with higher search engine placement and happier customers.

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