SEO Copy

SEO copy writing is a skill. A lot of people think they write good copy. The fact is that most people write only self-serving copy.  High quality SEO copy tends to be specific and relevant. Google will only reward you if you write specific, relevant, quality content…

SEO Relevancy and Purpose

When you think about generating quality copy, you should also need to think of the intent. Why should any search engine reward you with a good or great ranking? What is the purpose of the page, or content you are writing?

SEO Intent

At the writing of this blog there were an estimated one trillion web pages. If you consider the obligation of a search engine like Google, if they need or want to index every page on the internet their task is both overwhelming daunting. If you want to be found or ranked correctly you must write good SEO copy. That sounds funny or manipulative at first. However, quality SEO copy is the only way for a search engine to index you correctly. SEO copy means that you have intent. Why should your page be ranked? Why should you or your page, or web site be ranked? Unless the intent of your site is too merely share photos with friends and family, or be a brochure.

If your site is meant to sell, or distribute information, and you want to be found. The only way for that to happen is to write quality SEO copy and rank correctly.

In Conclusion

In the end, really the only reason to write any seo copy is to be found. I you can write quality, relevant, appropriate, seo copy you must have a reason. Why should google reward or rank your site if you don’t have quality SEO copy?

Always use to help you rock with your SEO copy.