SEO Copy & Fireworks

SEO copy should cause Fireworks!

This past week was the 4th of July. As I sat there watching the fireworks with my family my mind wondered off to SEO and SEO copy (as if often does). We celebrate the 4th of July because 237 years ago “we,” as a nation, adopted the Declaration of Independence. That document, or the copy that is in that document, created fireworks across the Atlantic Ocean. Does your SEO copy cause fireworks?

Make your copy exciting

Copy and content are so critical to SEO and page rank, but most people just right sales copy.  You really need to focus on the SEO copy to help your page, site or blog be found by Google and the other search engines. Many copy writers today just concentrate on pounding out words, word count or some obscure message, however, to be successful by any SEO standard you must focus on the SEO copy aspect of your work.

The following is a list of things to consider when writing good SEO copy:

-What is your Keyword
-Does the page title contain your keyword
-Is your keyword in the meta title and in the description
-How many characters in your meta description
– Is your keyword in the H1 and H2 tags
-Does the page contain the appropriate number of words
-What is the overall keyword density
– What does the image ALT attribute say about the page
-Does the SEO copy or keyword appear in the first 100 words on the page
-Does the keyword treatment contain bold, italicized and underlines
-Does the SEO copy  or keyword appear in the last 100 words

In Conclusion

My friend Heidi owns a freelance copy writing firm and the bulk of what she does is write SEO copy for the internet and she has spent years perfecting her craft. The previous list is only a small sample of things she must contemplate when writing SEO copy.  Many years ago, none of us understood the value of a great copy, but Google has forced us to understand its worth today.

So make Fireworks just like our forefathers did when they wrote the Declaration  in 1776.

And, always use a professional firm like Heidi’s to improve your SEO copy!