SEO Copy Writing

SEO copy writing is both a science and an art. To write blazing hot SEO copy you always need to keep the end goal in mind. As with many of my blogs they are brought to mind by real client conversations, this one is no different. I have recently engaged a new client, primarily for the purpose of link building. We were referred by another client. For the other client we have run a full- on SEO program, including SEO copy, link building and social media campaigns. The new client needed…

SEO Copy

To tell a brief story…this new client called looking for a link building strategy. I explained we could help but wondered why he thought all he need were links. He justified that he blogged on regular basis, had written lots of copy for his site, he had a Facebook account, therefore the only missing component were links “and could I get him some?”

I told him I would look at it. During my research of his site, I discovered many things about his SEO copy or lack thereof.  He did have a lot of content, however, it was in a poor place on his site. He did have a Facebook account with a whopping 58 likes (he believed that was enough to drive both traffic and purchases from his site) and finally his blogs had no real purpose of SEO content copy or focus. He did not have any links to speak of.

The SEO copy plan

This client was very surprised when I approached him with a plan. To begin with, I planned on fixing his SEO copy, then I’d help teach him how to blog (if he wanted to do that himself), then we’d come up with a real strategy to acquire likes on Facebook, and then develop a link building program. He was annoyed because he’d approached me for links only, and now I wanted to fix his SEO copy instead. I told him that there are many things that affect a sites rankings, and here are a few tips:

  • Write compelling content with matching meta
  • Research and write SEO copy for your best keywords
  • Make the content valuable, make people want to link to it
  • Surround your SEO copy with latent content that is worthwhile
  • Create a strong call to action
  • Use attention grabbing H1 and H2 tags

In Conclusion

SEO copy was part of his ranking problem. He thought linking was the final answer. See my blog on moving parts. The internet becomes more complex and complicated every day. There is not just one silver bullet. You need all of these parts working together, and yes, links will help him but in the end white hat tactics and quality SEO copy will win the day.

Always use to help you rock with your SEO copy.