SEO Excitement

I had the opportunity to speak at a “building a business workshop” this week. It was sponsored by the Davis County Applied Technology College DATC. It was very exciting listening to young, new businesses and their ideas. I have been involved in business building the most of my adult life. However, this group seemed especially engaged and optimistic.

The energy in the room was exciting; it could almost make your hair stand on end. I am not old, but I love seeing the energy of new young business owners. The world is a blank canvas to them. Anything seems possible, and it probably is…

SEO Excitement

The internet and SEO seems especially important to these new start up. None of them talk about building a big factory, warehouse or a brick and mortar business. They only speak of the online opportunities in front of them. The opportunity to market to the whole world (via SEO) is like an aphrodisiac. The beauty and the pain are that they can fail. The beautiful part of this is a that can fil quilcy. I have told start  up to” fail quickly” I think that may have offended some of them. But it is great advice. If you are going to fail, then fail quickly. Learn what you can and move on to the next project.


SEO helps fight the failure process. With good/great SEO your failures will be minimal. But you should expect them. Henry Ford failed, Edison, J.C. Penny all failed. I’m not predicting doom and gloom. I just know some will win, and some will have to try again. Mark Zuckerberg founder of Face Book turned 30 years old this week. He is worth and estimate4d 450 Billion dollars. He started Face Book in a dorm room.

In conclusion

SEO helps lighten the pain of failure. If you have a well thought out plan, and execute it correctly your SEO program will help you achieve success quickly and efficiently. Consider hiring SEO pros like to plan and execute your SEO goals in the future.

And always use to build traffic, visitors to your site.