SEO and Coffee

Good SEO and Good Coffee are a lot like.  I write a lot of my blogs at my favorite local coffee shop. I’m not sure if there is a robust correlation between the writing and the coffee. But…

High Quality Products make good SEO

If your coffee starts with good quality ingredients (beans) it will unusually turn out awesome.  If your SEO starts with good comprehensive, high quality, basic building blocks, and excellent ingredients it should turnout wonderful as well.

Black Coffee only, nothing too fancy

I like black coffee; sometimes I might have just an espresso when I want to shake thing up. My normal is called a “black hole” It is strongly brewed, dark roasted coffee with an espresso shot in it. It is good clean simple coffee taste, with a little extra shot of caffeine. Strong and to the point.

I just checked, and it looks like Wikipedia has over seventy different varieties of coffee beans, all with the ability to roast differently.  I also looked at the online menu for Starbucks, and they had seventy-three flowery options of just roasted beans. Then by the time you Latte, Cappuccino, Americanize, caramelize, ice , add cinnamon, raspberry, peppermint , whole cream, half cream, raw sugar over the processed, then make it Grande etc., etc. you have far too much going on with your coffee. That is over several thousand options of coffee.

Keep your SEO Coffee Simple

I’m sure we have all heard the phrase; “keep it simple stupid.” Well good SEO is no different. Start with good solid building blocks of relevant content, reputable link building, and add a splash of relevant social media and it will taste just right. Straight and to the point.

Don’t waste your time on fads, gimmick, stunts, one-time promotions, publicity grabbers, or quick fix plays.

In Conclusion

Keep your SEO simple; Start with sound solid proven techniques. And don’t waste your time blending flowery drinks with lots of funny names just to make them sound cool, or look cool on the menu.
Strong and to the point is how I like my coffee, and SEO!

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