SEO – Black Hole

SEO can be a Black Hole, try not to get suckered in to bad SEO practices. There are several kinds of SEO Black Holes; there is the ever popular Super Massive black hole and the smaller mini-Black Hole. Either way, once you cross the event horizon you will find it very difficult to get back…

Black Hole Building Blocks

What is a Black Hole? It is not just empty space. In fact it is quite the opposite. It is a lot of matter stuffed into a very small space giving it a great gravitational attraction. In a very simple comparison, proper SEO has a lot of matter too. The space that you try to stuff it in may vary, but it does matter.
Here it is very good to be attractive; you will want all internet users to gravitate to your site.

Periodic table of SEO

The universe can be broken down into the periodic table of elements. SEO can be broken down into a table of fundamentals.  Everything in the universe is made of combinations of the element in this periodic table. If you use the SEO fundamentals you can also build complex combination elements that are both attractive a very high ranking site’s.  After all high ranking in the SEO universe is the goal.

Building Blocks

Don’t get drawn into poor SEO techniques. Black holes are built from matter in an exploding or rather imploding Super Nova. Great SEO is not left over matter from an implosion, but instead built from sound fundamental from the SEO universe. They include but are not limited to:

  • Titles

  • Url’s  or permalinks

  • H1 tags

  • Description

  • Images

  • Site mapping

  • Speed

  • Landing Pages

  • Content Marketing

Always use all of the natural elements and building blocks you can. This is a case where you want the gravitational pull working for you. The more matter or fundamentals you use, the more gravitation or pull the site will have.

In Conclusion

We have all heard that the pull of gravity from a black hole is so overwhelming that light cannot event escape. If you have done your SEO correctly using only the natural building blocks available, your SEO will have such great pull that not even an enlightened internet user could escape.

Always use a professional SEO firm to Improve your Ranking!