Search Terms and Keywords

Search terms, keywords or keyword phrases are simply the words we use to search for any relevant information, or topic on the internet. When the general population started to use the internet or World Wide Web (WWW) most people used only single word searches. Today these phrases have been growing increasing more and more complex…



Search engines

Search terms and keywords work because today the biggest search engine (Google) has been, and is, continually cataloging and indexing every web page’s content on the internet. There are still many factors that affect the results, and as users we are getting better at giving the search engine clues with our search terms and keywords.  Google is by far the biggest search engine fulfilling over a billion searches every day. The pages that are delivered from any search are based mostly on search terms or keywords provided.  However, the search engines are getting better at using addition clues to what we may want. Intent history, words surrounding our search term or keywords in the document are just a few.

In the internet marketing classes I teach,  I love to use this example; If you keyword is “hot dog” what would the results be? Well that search term with mustard or relish added will likely deliver cooking instructions, a recipe or a restaurant. If you used that keyword and added additional words like ski jump, or pine trees and mountains. The result will most certainly include ski, ski resorts, ski jumping and the like.

How it works

Last time I looked, the internet had in excess of 60 Trillion pages, and is always growing. Google sends our robots to ‘crawl’ the web. They navigate with links that webmaster or owners provide on their sites.  Then they index or rank every page based on quality of content,  keywords and/or search terms. Then they apply algorithms to the formulas, to stay very relevant to the search, and not reward cheaters or unsavory pages. Nobody but Google knows for sure, but it has been said that there are in excess of 200 factors calculated in about 1/8 th of a second and delivered or dished up. Then they are always eliminating spam and bad sites from the results. That is basically how it works.

In Conclusion

There are still many more tricks, hints, and tips for getting great results query’s. Spelling is a factor, and most engines drop or ignore words like “a” “the”  “and” Then there is literal search engines that find or deliver pages with every keyword or search term you use.

Be thoughtful and specific then you will always find great information. And always use a professional firm like to improve your SEO!