Search Engines

Those or you that follow this blog, know I live in the woods. We have been having some sort of a caterpillar’s infestation. However, it makes me think about the internet and search engines. Let’s assume for a minute that my caterpillars are web sites. Some of them will bloom and become butterflies others will become months, and others will be eaten for lunch or dinner, by a flock of birds.

The butterfly or the moth?

We as website owners have to make a choice… are you butterfly or moth. The difference is profound. As butterfly you are beautiful, as moth you are mealy nuance.

It is seems ironic to me that something as beautiful as the World Wide Web, looks so organized and beautiful. Then sometimes looks so messy and dis-organized. The job to straighten it all out belongs to the search engines, primarily Google. Over all search engines like google are always working to provide the best results for any search or query the get. I can only think of a handful of times that few or no results were rendered.

Search engines are looking for butterflies, not the moth. It is our job as webmasters to give the search engines what they want, or even need. We must provide quality content, appropriate links and linking to other relevant sites. And an overall Social media strategy that is worthy of the effort a search engine would use to find us and out sites.

Be the butterfly, and the search engines will reward you. Give them everything they need to catalogue or index the site. When I say content, I mean front and back sides. Take the additional effort to put in Meta data, relevant descriptions, H-1 & H-2 tags, and yes even keywords. Google and other search engines claim not use them 😉 but I still think they do… to some degree.

In Conclusion

Be a Butterfly, not a moth. Web sites that are beautiful architecturally will win the search engine battle. If your site is ugly and disorganized you will be treated like a moth. You can fly around and circle the light, but will not enjoy the sunshine of search engines like a butterfly.

And always use to help make your site beautiful to the search engines.