Real Estate SEO is on Fire

Real Estate SEO is on Fire

Real Estate  is hot. By all measurable reports the housing and real estate markets have been improving significantly over the last few quarters. Supporting this idea the interest rates are increasing, inventory is down, and across the entire country prices are up. In addition the Federal Reserve is threating to ease up on its stimulus package driving interest rates even higher.

Real Estate SEO

With all of the positive news about Real Estate the number of agents and offices is increasing.  According to the National Association of Realtors there are approximately 1.2 million independent agents or independent real estate offices In the United States. REALTOR® affiliation with firms is as follows:

  • Independent contractor: 81%
  • Employee: 6%
  • Other: 13%


With all realtors fighting for the same number limited number of inventory, clients and sales, all of these independents agents are using the internet to maximize their exposure and effectiveness, so the best Real Estate SEO sites will win the battle.

Search Engine Optimization for Relators

SEO for realtors is unique. There are a few basic rules that should be followed to help make your SEO efforts surpass the competition.


  • Use good, descriptive url’s
  • Meta Descriptions and Data are important
  • H1- and H2 tags are needed
  • Keywords count
  • Alt tags aren’t just for images anymore
  • Content and its relevance are king
  • Use every and all social media tools to your advantage


Make a list of specific areas that you want to work or sell in; the fewer the better, do not be overly broad. You would be better off to be known for being an expert in a specialized area, than not be found at all for an overly large area.

In Conclusion

To win the Real Estate SEO competition be specific, be clear in content an relevance, be thorough, and, always use a professional firm like E2 to improve your Real Estate SEO!