Real Estate SEO Recycled Domains

I have been mentioning Real Estate SEO Domains and Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) or Phrase Matching Domains (PMD’s) a lot in my blogs lately. It has sparked a lively conversation with some Real Estate clients and other professionals.  The problem is that many are confused over the use of Exact or Phrase matching. I am a big fan of recycling or recyclable domains, especially for use in Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO

Many relators today use landing sites or single page sites to promote a specific property or client listings. To make matters worse,  most “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO’s) that are astute enough to even use the internet as a marketing tool tend to over use property specific URL’s as well.

For a realtor to use a specific address in a URL is not economical and a waste of a site that could, and should, develop  “legs” and continue to grow for you and benefit your entire business. For example if you used as your URL it becomes very specific to that exact property or transaction. It might make your client, the seller, feel all “yummy”  and think you’re working to sell their listing, however, it is quite frankly unproductive and a waste of time and money. Of course, it is easy to make the site “beautiful” and load it up with pictures or glamour shots of that specific home, conversely, any real estate SEO effort will be fruitless and unproductive. If the median time on market is roughly 130 days or so, most Real Estate SEO efforts will only begin to be at full strength by the time it is sold. Then you have an unusable URL, unless or until you sell or list that exact property again.

Use Recyclable Domains

A far better real estate domain would look something like or These are not “address specific” like is, because they far more generic you can make two real estate SEO tactics work to your advantage. First, you will be able to “recycle” the URL for several “Mountain Houses” at the same time, or at least use for a mountain home after you have sold that one, then load new listing or property with photos and content. That brings us to the second tactic. By optimizing for “mountain homes” and always loading new and fresh content the search engines will love you. The content or text needs to remain relevant to the real estate SEO keywords i.e. mountain homes, but if that is your expertise, that should be easy to do.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to capitalize on a recyclable real estate URL. If you plan properly you can build on successes of your real estate SEO efforts for the one URL with many properties and clients long into the future, and remember, never cut and paste content! Duplicate content is a SEO KILLER! Real Estate SEO is worth the effort.  And be sure to re-use that domain and SEO strength.

To win the Real Estate SEO competition be specific and be clear in content an relevance, be thorough, and, always use a professional firm like to improve your Real Estate SEO!