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is todays topic.

I rarely think it is a good idea to point you to another blog. However, there is a blog I follow closely. The writer is an SEO expert! (Gary Horsman) He has worked around the world, in a sales, marketing and management roles for “major organizations. He rocks, and is a good friend. I always bounce SEO topics with him.

This is a reprint of one of his blogs…He currently owns Wsi-Global Reach in Vermont. 

“When marketing real estate online you have to define what I call “your center of content”. This will be the place where all of your delightful content will reside. It will be the place that people link to. It will be your center of authority.

In my opinion, the center of content for a real estate company or a real estate agent will be their website and their blog.

A website enables a real estate company to set up specific content all designed to demonstrate their authority and expertise. It is also the place were potential buyers will search for properties so a valid real estate website needs the ability for a home buyer to search for and find properties of interest to them easily and quickly. Therefore, a MLS search and display is an essential part of any real estate company’s website.

How Can a Real Estate Company Make the MLS Search and Display Even Better?

One could ask a question about this important yet basic function to generate thought as to how the search and display function can be made even better. One thoughtful answer is to make searching easier and faster and to display more content about a property if the searcher desires more content. Note that an interested property searcher typically desires more content and it is the interested searcher that you need to attract for business success.

Therefore, we can conclude that one-click searches for properties can be a valuable asset and an improvement over the basic real estate search and display function.

An example of a one-click search would be a search for all homes within a desired geographic area that have a lot size greater than 2 acres. Moreover, if a real estate company’s website had a capability for many popular one-click searches (such as this) then this could be a distinct advantage in their marketplace. They could gain more sellers and buyers as a result of making searching for properties easier and faster. In effect a one-click search enables a potential buyer to find desirable real estate content faster and more efficiently.

On the content delivery side of the property search function, consider how a standard display of property search results could be enhanced by displaying more content. More content can take many shapes and forms. For example, a display of a specific property could also link to a dedicated website set up for the property. Also, imagine displaying a set of area videos for a specific property which help potential buyers understand the area in greater detail and in a more captivating manner. What about links to school information or a link to a guide to the area? All of these items represent more content for any specific property and this helps the buyer. Helping the buyer helps the seller and the real estate company that can help the seller the best gets more listings. Using the Internet effectively to market a property is a cost effective way to market and content marketing is the way of the Internet. Those with more quality content win on the Internet.

How do they win?

More quality content translates into:

  • More authority and expertise . . .
  • Higher search position . . .
  • More in-coming links . . .
  • With more links an even higher search position . . .
  • More business success . . .

High search position is essential to success and conversely not being found in search prevents a real estate company from gaining better listings and selling more property.

The next piece in the center of content plan for a real estate company is to develop a blog with delightful content. This enables a real estate agent or company to project even more expertise and authority into the marketplace. The major search engines love authoritative blog content. Stay tuned for advice on real estate blogging as this important center of content for a real estate company can help you to outdistance your competition”


In Conclusion

Copy and content are important to Real Estate Marketing.


And always use a firm like for your Real Estate Marketing needs.

Gary Horsman