Real Estate Marketing and the Internet

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing has been evolving for many years. It is not just about your marketing / internet efforts, it is about the buyers and sellers internet astuteness. The internet may be “make or break” for your business. I recently read on the NAR site that 88% of buyers look on the internet before they even contact an agent…

Real Estate Marketing on the Internet

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the ability to be found on the Internet. I frequently refer to it as Search Engine Ranking or SER, which is a far better description and more important. It has been said many times that there is “not one silver bullet” when it comes to marketing. The vast array of tools available on the World Wide Web makes it even tougher. Then the clients, or surfer’s ingenuity and thoughtfulness when searching compound the challenge. Then throw in all of the competing web sites vying for you marketing dollars and it can quickly become perplexing.

The following list is the 20 most popular real estate websites ranked by Hitwise for Bloomberg Business; the sample is based on the habits of 10 million Internet users / searches. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –, the official site of NAR, is easily No. 1, with 8.8% market share. is No. 2 with only 3.7% The percentages obviously go down from there.

SEO Tools for Real Estate Marketing

Internet Marketing tools go by many names, Blogging,  Link Building, Keywords, Landing Pages, SEO, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, Relevancy, Traffic Generation, Content Tactics, Organic, Pay-Per-Click, H1 & H2 Tags, Alt Text, of course Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Trends just to name a few. Then let’s not forget the ever growing and all powerful SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media is a category all to its self.

Social Media

Real Estate Marketing through social media is the fastest growing sector in Real Estate Marketing. It also goes my many names, and is growing, changing and evolving every day. The fifteen most popular Networking site names include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pintrest, MySpace, Google Plus, Deviant Art, Live Journal, Tagged, Café Mom, Ning, Meet up, My Life, Multiply.

Building Good Real Estate Ranking

There are no short cuts. Find a reputable SEO partner and focus on the basics. Work on “Strong” relevant content, “Fresh” information, and think of yourself as the viewer. What information would you want to find as the consumer, based on the “search term” However, you must not ignore social media and boutique or industry specific niche sites.

In Conclusion

There are many internet tools and sites that may help with your Real Estate Marketing initiative. Do not count on just one. The more “silver bullets” you have working in your favor, the more success and clients will find you. Being found is the answer. Work on the basics with a reputable firm for Relevant Content, Quality Link Building, Blogging, On-Page SEO (tags and meta). And Never under estimate the consumer, will they continue to force the internet to meet their needs, not the other way around.

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