What is Page Rank and why does it matter?

Google has said many times the two most important things to any web site is Content and Relevant High Quality links.  If that is the case why would you even care about you page rank. Well they are very much connected. The real definition of Page Rank is …” it is the opinion of the value, or importance of a page according to Google”

Frist of all you should care what Google’s opinion of your site is. Next if you do have a high Page Rank it simply improves search results for your page or site.  The Page Rank algorithm runs mostly automated, and is updated usually four times a year. It is expressed in a value from 0 to 10. Ten being the highest.

So if it is important, how can you improve it? The answer is simple High Quality Links! Every crawled site has a rank according to Google. They do this to help themselves determine value; this help return better  search results for any given keyword or search phrase.

How can you Improve your Page Rank

A high quality link comes from a reputable site with a great Page Rank. Not only do you want these high quality inbound links from this type of site, they work to increase your rank. The resulting higher valuation of your site means you can pass on the LINK LOVE too. So be conscious who you link to because some of your value moves with it.

The algorithm is not difficult and surly changes from time to time (Google doesn’t always tell us) It goes something like this. Imagine a page with a Page Rank of Nine. It has three outgoing links. The resulting Page Rank or Love Flow along each outgoing link is consequently nine divided by three = three points of PageRank for each page receiving the inbound links.


Pay attention to your Page Rank. Use it for your important or profitable pages. (You can use nofollow links on less important pages ie. forms etc. Work on improving your Page Rank position with quality inbound links!