Optimize for Conversion

Optimize for Conversion

CRO or “Conversion Rate Optimizations” has come up more than one time this week. I guess it is a little unusual, but the topic of conversion rates have crept into client conversations on two separate occasions this week. Normally, clients and I talk a lot about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, traffic and trends. But as SEO Pro’s we should remember the end objective is conversion…

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Optimize, specifically for conversion, it is an art. So often we worry about just the site ranking or visitor numbers and traffic velocity. Don’t forget that the ultimate goal is to convert consumers. However, this does not always mean a sell. In some cases it may mean just viewing a page, or making a call, or downloading a document.

How to Convert

To Optimize for conversion clearly falls on an SEO company’s shoulders.  Normally we care so much about content, quality linking and social media. However, how often do we really read or digest our own content? I was amazed when I started to consider this idea when thinking of this blog. I may be as guilty, as the next guy. In some cases I encourage a client to use generic terms like “Click Here,”  “Apply Now,”  “Hurry In,” or “Today Only.”

Do not confuse generic content with generic linking. There is very strong data supporting the concept that Google likes a certain percentage of generic linking. After all it would be “un-natural” for it to appear any other way.


I want to optimize with a very strong message. With such little time to display a call to action, our messages must be crystal clear and concise. The “Keep It Simple Stupid” (KISS) rule has been quoted so many times, we as SEO professionals, get caught up in the architecture. We must also convey a clear message and a quick strong call to action. When we do that, then the surfer with a reward of either the desired content or information, the site will have an instant conversion. Consider this in your design and copy.

Test, Fix, and then Test again!

The word optimize by nature implies improvement (if not continual improvement) This is only obtained by measuring your work. So measure, fix then re-measure. Then you need to optimize again, and measure again. Even when you think you are done, keep on testing and measuring. If you are on top, you have a target on your back. I promise someone is gunning for you.

In Conclusion

Optimize for conversions and keep your clients happy. The value of a long time client is almost immeasurable. Keep all clients happy though conversion, whatever that means to them. For an e-commerce site it means sales, for an information or brochure site it means something entirely different.  You must understand what a conversion means to your client, then optimize for conversion accordingly.


Always use a professional SEO firm to Improve your Company’s Ranking!