Optimization for Labor Day

Labor Day is the traditional end of summer. It is a time when we all celebrate the carefree summer vacations, endless days a t the beach, kiss goodbye to that first young love, and prepare to knuckle down and dig in, to return to our productive careers’,  school, or even  for the harvest and long trying winter months ahead.  And of course you should never get caught wearing white after Labor Day. But did you spend any time optimizing for…


Search Engine Optimization

Optimization is a full time job. Some careers allow you the luxury of taking the summer off and wasting time on the boardwalk or down at the Jersey shore. Optimization and the internet in general do not allow such an s waste of time. Optimization and the internet have a lot of moving parts and sites can and do move up or down in the rankings quite quickly

You must always be watching and measuring SEO success. If you are on top, somebody is optimizing their page to beat you, if your site is lower maybe even second or third page. You need to be optimizing to get on top, or at least in any of the top three positions.

In Conclusion

Optimization is a full time job. You cannot afford to that the summers off and just hang at the beach. You must be vigilant and always watching and measuring the success for both you and your clients. Even when you’re on the top of the internet or Optimization pile.  Keep watch and be wary. Because believe me, someone is gunning for your clines good rankings and positions.

However, I like to use holidays like Labor Day and a time to reflect and consider all of my Optimization efforts.

Always use a professional SEO firm to improve your companies SE Ranking!