How to enjoy Networking at an Event

I have been in business for a long time. I have always thoroughly enjoyed meeting and networking with new clients, and prospective clients. I am very outgoing and have never had a problem introducing myself and meeting new people. However, it has occurred to me lately that some of my employees do not enjoy this process. I had never really considered the idea that it was hard, or difficult to introduce yourself to someone new.

The art of networking

That can be especially problematic if you are in sales, or want a leadership position in your company. I have a friend that would call in a bomb scare before she would speak in front of even a small group. I have spoken in front of hundreds and thousands of people. I think it is fun and exhilarating.

The art of meeting people or networking is truly an art. To learn how to network at an event is a specialized skill. I recently read a blog post from a site that I follow quite often. It was called “How to network at an event” The author is a longtime friend, and a master of business building and networking.

If you have a problem introducing yourself and meeting people at and event I strongly suggest you check out this post. Networking is enjoyable, learn this skill and make money for your whole life.

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In conclusion

Learn to enjoy meeting new people and expand your group of friends and business associates.

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