The Need for Speed

I have to admit I feel the need for speed. I’m not sure why, but the internet has been bothering me lately. It’s not so much the internet, it might be us. Us being web designers, builders, app generators, programmers, it’s all of us. It is not really the net or web, the web is as fast, or faster than ever. If you want to see that go to Ookla, Google or even AT&T, they all have great tools for measuring internet speed. I live in a cabin in the woods and can have up to 100 mg’s if I want. Today in my office (a very big complex) I am running 30.67, 29.70, and 31.37 respectively. Nice enough for “internet” speed. I’m talking a real need for speed! Our web site’s seem to be running slower and slower.

A Real Need for Speed

I’m not talking about the speed of the internet per say. I feel the need for speed in the way the web renders our sites. To truly satisfy the need for speed we need to get back to basic. I have written many blogs on back to basics. I know why we do what we do, but we need think of our clients. I have a confession… I recently started to delete sites that take too long to load. These are world class sites like, USA Today for one. They do not satisfy my need for speed. When I use them I feel lonely and impatient, my mind begins to wander. Do our client’s users feel that same longing or a need for speed?

Cool tools to measure speed

In the Google developer’s tool box you will find a tool called “page speed tools” there you can begin to measure your sites performance or need for speed. There are also a list of suggestions that will help solve the need for speed:

  • Compressing your JavaScript with a closure complier
  • CSS: Using every declaration just one time
  • Optimizing JavaScript codes and language
  • Prefetching needed resources
  • Always minimize your browser reflow
  • SPDY for higher speeds on mobile networks
  • UI messaging for perceived latency

A greater need for speed will soon overtake you. I have been going insane trying to satisfy my clients need for speed, even without their asking. I must admit, I have another confession, I began testing my own clients sites. I had one that ranked only 25/100 on the Google scale. There are tons of reasons why, image size, JavaScript, linking into an offsite cc processor and on and on.

Are we really satisfying our clients need for speed if we ignore these problems. The answer is “NO” we owe it to them, to make their sites all they can be. Be both, responsive and reactive, as well as just down right fast. Satisfy their need for speed!

In conclusion

I know high quality optimization is a good thing. The question is, do the search engines agree? The answer is yes! Latency or speed is measure in every tool we use to analyze any web site. Why would we as humans feel or think any differently. Measure and work toward and always respect our need for speed.

And always have  e2-ts help you find your Need for Speed!