Link Building or Landing Pages

Link Building or Landing Pages

If Link Building vs. Landing-Pages is a question, then the answer is yes, on both accounts. Google and the other search engines have stated that Links are very valuable to the popularity contest we call the internet. If link building is the brick, then landing pages are the…

Link Building… the Brick

High Quality Link Building is the foundation of any solid SEO campaign. If you think of every web site as a contestant in a popularity contest, then quality link building is one of the judges with a very important vote. Consider that every site willing to link to your site, is based solely on content and relevancy to their site, then that link would be an enormous vote of confidence for you.

At the other end of any high quality link there should be content pertaining to your site. If their site is relevant to yours, that link is extremely valuable, and the search engines are correct in applying credit, or link mojo to your site.

You should also pay very close attention to all of your inbound links. Request that the sender of any empty or poor quality link be removed. In addition only provide links to another site that are extremely relevant to your sites purpose. Remember if you link to someone else, you may be sharing, or giving away some of your power, authority and page rank.

Landing Pages… the Mortar

If Link Building is the foundation then a Landing Page is the mortar that holds them together. Landing pages are content rich, and loaded with extremely relevant content to any subject or topic. Their entire purpose is support the main site, through supportive content, topics, theme or subject matter.

Landing pages should be thoroughly optimized. Use all of the appropriate SEO tools available especially Link Building. DO NOT USE SHORT CUTS.  This is not the time to skimp, use proven, solid SEO techniques. These include Link Building, Keywords, All Meta tags and descriptions, Content tactics, Organic writing, H1 & H2 Tags, Alt Text, Google Maps, Earth, Trends and of course Landing page content just to name a few.

In Conclusion

Link Building and Landing pages work hand in hand. One or the other will impact your ranking. However, the two strategies working in concert are a powerful tool. Always track your in-bound links, and never give away frivalis out-bound links.

Always use a reputable SEO company, and never link spammers. Click here to learn more about the value of link building.