Link Building SEO

There are countless methods for optimizing your website for the search engines.  Many of those methods and strategies have been covered here in this blog.  Link building SEO is another simple, yet very effective tool to get your website reaching towards the top of the SERP (search engine results page).  In general, Google and the other search engines place a strong value on link building SEO (from other websites) being directed back towards your website.  Google has traditionally held these links in higher regard than the other big two (Bing and Yahoo), but all three still use links as one of their criteria to gauge your site’s value.

Link Building SEO

Obtaining these links is another challenge in and of itself.  One of the more effective methods of link building SEO, albeit tedious and time-consuming, is the “in-person” method.  This involves reaching out to other companies, ideally within your company’s niche, but non-competitors, and requesting a link to your site.  This can be done over the phone, in-person or through email, but it is not done on a broad “shotgun” approach and is intended to rely on your relationships in your industry and in your community.  This also provides you with the ability to more closely control the phrase they use in the link text as well as the intended page within your site to which the link will point.

Link Building SEO creating inbound links to your site, when done properly, can be very effective for increasing your company’s ranking for the strategically chosen keyword phrases for which you are optimizing.  If the external company adds a link to your site with the keyword phrase “blue widgets” and that link is directed to a specific “landing page” on your website which provides quality content about the same keyword phrase, Google and the other search engines consider this a vote in favor of your site being a solid resource for data related to “blue widgets”.

 None Competing Companies

Link building SEO can be utilized using external, non-competing companies as discussed above, but in today’s social media marketing landscape, that is just the tip of the iceberg.  We encourage all of our clients to utilize the vast variety of available online tools to create (and optimize) these inbound links.  Linking the phrase “blue widgets” from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube or countless others will provide similar results for your site.  Each of those platforms can be put to work for you and help you attain your strategic optimization goals.

In Conclusion

I like a quote I have heard from another SEO professional. Basically he said “The ideas is not to make your links appear natural, they ideas is that they should be natural” Keep that in mind when pursuing any link building SEO  Strategy.

And always use for a link building resource.