James Carroll

James Carroll started his working career in the printing industry. After working for many years at several large, U.S. based printing and manufacturing companies. Where he held several positions including Department Head, Production Manager, and General Manager. Then he found a new industry that would begin to re-shape the rest of his life.

James was hired by American Color Graphics. With his natural sales ability, advanced knowledge of the industry, intuitive conceptual grasp of complex topics, and forward growth thinking, he was cast into a sales and customer management positions. His role was to spend all of his time catering to, and growing business with their most important clients, Albertsons Foods (formerly American Stores).

James Carroll enjoyed this work, and did exceptionally well at it. Both growing business for American Color and helping the client take advantage of new technology, and marketing techniques. James Carroll soon caught the eye of the Largest Digital Printing Company in the United States.  He was quickly snapped way and made General Manager of their primary facility.

Digital Communications and Marketing became a passion. Again, James Carroll excelled, and was soon teaching classes and lecturing to industry leaders and business owners. The topics included Digital Marketing, Digital Communications, Data-Base Mining and Advanced Customer Profiling techniques.

After serving as Executive Vice President of this company he decided to move from digital printing into full on Internet-based world. He owned and was a President of a web development and design company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  After running that for several years he started a second company. Web Hits Hosting was born and added this to his development company.

Today he has sold all of the development and hosting companies and only focuses on one business. That business is E2-Total Solutions; all they do is very high level SEO/Site Ranking.  To do Organic SEO work properly you must be concerned with many mechanisms and areas of the clients business. These include Content, Content Marketing, Keywords and Keyword Phrases, Very High Quality Inbound Linking, Page Rank, Business and Competition Analysis, Site Architecture and much more.  He has a serious passion and loves helping companies be found on line, or Ranked by Google and other search engines.


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