Honor and your SEO

Honor is unbelievably important. Sometimes, around the holidays and the New Year, my thought wax strongly to review. Last New Year’s I spoke about resolving to do our SEO jobs better. Doing the right thing for our SEO clients, even if it is tough. Last Christmas I spoke about giving the gift of “Great” SEO work. This year I have a new epiphany…


I choose honor because I have a close friend that has recently returned from overseas. It was his third deployment. We had the opportunity to have a relax and have a unwinding weekend. We played with the dogs went snowmobiling, and played on the four wheelers.

We had an awesome food and a great time. I took him to meet some neighbors… This is where the honor kicks in.  My friend has been overseas in the thick of the shit, and he comes back and is gratuitous. My neighbors have bowed down and thanked him. However, he was “yes sir” and “no mamn.” His respect and honor was immeasurable. I was awe struck with the professionalism honor and dignity that he showed. He has been to hell, and returned home intact and with more honor than most of us will ever show in a lifetime. He is truly a warrior, and one of the guys we dont want to think about while having cotail parties etc. He is the guy between us and another 9/11.

Honor in your SEO

This brings us back to our selected profession. We do web development, design, and high levels of SEO or search engine optimization and hosting. If you have been following this blog for any length of time, then you know I always speak of high levels of “honor” or conduct, in your optimization. We need to only do very high quality optimization and NO “black hat” stuff, only high quality, “white hat” optimization with both honor and dignity,” my friend has reminded me of this.

In Conclusion

Treat yourselves and your clients with “honor and pride.” Do your jobs with “honor and pride,” only do the right thing. Do not try to cheat the search engines. They will catch you and punish you or your client accordingly. Do it right, and with HONOR.


Always use a Honor and make your clients proud, improve your Ranking with e2.ts.com