Great SEO

Going from good to Great SEO is getting harder and harder every day. There was a time, many years ago when you could tweak a few tags, or maybe a description and see some movement or change in your site or pages ranking.  Those days are long gone, today it is like a puzzle and it takes an extensive an very thoughtful effort to land atop the ranking pile. However, you can do it by…

Great SEO is different from just good SEO.  Going from good great SEO separates the winners from the losers. With ever increasing quality of Google and the other search engines, I know that nothing happens by accident. Great SEO is the result of a clear understating of the site or page, both by the search engines and the webmaster. If either of these two are confused or do not have a clear understand of the purpose of the page, then you are lost to begin with.

Here is a list of a few things to consider:

  • URL’s should be short, and  clearly representative of the site
  • Titles should not be any longer than 70 characters, and contain your best keywords
  • Descriptions should be as close to 160 characters (without going over) if they are to short then you are wasting free advertising space
  • Keywords are still important, although not as powerful as they once were, make your keyword      phrase’s clear and concise
  • H tags are frequently misused,  abused or misunderstood.  Use them correctly or you will be punished by the search engines
  • Copy Copy Copy, always write uniqe quality content. Make sure you are relevant and real
  • Manage your Social Media, don’t let social media mange you
  • Only seek quality inbound links and linking partners for Great SEO

In Conclusion

Great SEO does not happen by accident or happenstance. It takes conscious thought and a plan. Great SEO is also never ending. The search algorithm is always changing.  Great SEO by definition then must always be corrected and updated.

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