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Google’s Penguin updated – May 22, 2013

I love Google and Matt Cutts. Mr. Cutts is the manager of the Web Spam division. He has recently  released a video that talks a lot about the most resent version or Penguin 2.0. Find it at Matt Cutts.

Originally, most of us thought it would only affect about 2% of the English speaking traffic. After having the release out for a couple of weeks now that number looks to be a bit larger looking like 3.2% of the English speaking market, and higher for other languages.

Always do the right thing

If you have been paying attention to SEO for a while, Google does not dislike SEO’ers, in fact, many times in a lot of thier communications, they state that they like us, especially when we follow “Google’s own Webmaster Tools” SEO guidelines.  It is when you deploy or skirt around in the “black hat” arena that you will get into trouble.

Any student of Mr. Cutts  will find his information consistent and very informative. I’ve said this many times, and he continues to drive this point home,  “Never use black hat techniques” Google will eventually find you, and Google will find a way to fix the problems. Always provide high-quality,  fresh content, that will make the readers or surfers experience a more positive experience, and Google can/ and will reward you.

In Conclusion

in the end just wants to satisfy or return quality to any internet user for the keywords or terms they searched for. If you do your SEO properly, that will happen almost automatically.

I run into this from time to time, but was confronted with it several times this week. I had a couple of clients and SEO’ers telling me keywords just don’t matter anymore. In Google’s own description of the new Penguin release, they specifically say it will improve searches by using keywords, and that they must appear on both the front and the back (meta) sides of the site to help Google index and rank the site correctly.

Do your SEO right and Google will reward, not punish you. NO Short cutsCutts

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