Google – Maximum Results, Minimum Effort

Google must be a student of Sun Tzu. The Sun Tzu philosophy states that to any successful practitioner victory is through understanding and harnessing the landscape. It is simplicity in technique, strategy, execution, and understanding of the enemy. It requires you to stay fluid, mobile and have the ability to adapt. Always finding the most efficient way to achieve results. Creating maximum results with minimum effort. To do this, use water as your guide…

Google and Sun Tzu

Google practices the “Art of War” as described in philosophy of Sun Tzu, a Chinese General who lived around 500-550 B.C. Although often thought of as ruthless, he was in fact compassionate, efficient and very results oriented. This is very much like our friends at Google, often thought of as merciless, while in fact very empathetic, efficient and results focused.

Google Announces Retail Stores

If I were an Apple or Microsoft store I would be afraid, they should be very afraid. At first glance many observers think why would Google do such a thing, Retail? They have an almost perfect business model already. All on line, with a core of search engine web results, which they truly dominate. Easily controlling over 80% -85% of the online search market.

However, they have recently moved into the competitive cell phone and app business with ventures in Nexus and Android. Their attention is turning to the profitable laptop and browser markets with Acer and Chrome OS. With an eye or in this case an ear on the lucrative music industry and hands free interactivity of the “Glass Project” Why would Google feel the need to go Retail?

Quite simply, they need an outlet for these new products and services. Their potential clients can test drive all of the Google products. Total market domination of both products and services, by Google and their wholly owned companies.

A brief History of Google

Google began as a PhD research project at Stanford in late 1995 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The idea was noble, it was simplicity itself. Instead of using “page shows” or number of displays to calculate importance or relevancy, use only backlinks instead. They were not the first to think this, but their product “BacRub” took off, and today we have Google. A company that manages over 1 million servers worldwide, and more importantly conducts over 1 billion web searches every day!  Google (spelled correctly googol) means the number 1 with 100 zeros behind it. The founders wanted to catalog and index all knowledge, then make it usable for everyone.

Google and the Art of War

Google has accomplished so much, in a reasonably short time. All of this with a corporate slogan of “Don’t be Evil” Wow, I do not know if Larry and Sergey are students of Sun Tzu. But they have followed the “Art of War” playbook to an ultimate conclusion. Although tough and formidable, they have been truly efficient, they flow like water, they are calm and powerful, and they achieve maximum results with minimum effort, and truly understand their enemy (competitors) strengths and weakness. They use only the energy need to win, withholding resources (new products, or acquisitions) until required; all while following the simple motto “Don’t’ be Evil”

In Conclusion

If I were a competitor and I knew Google was about to enter into my retail products space. I would be afraid. Then I would use Google, Bing, or Yahoo and search for list of Google products and then become very afraid. According to the art of war, attack at the right time and use only the resources nessacary to achieve maximum results, Win and “Don’t Be Evil

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