Google’s Hummingbird

Many of you that follow this blog know I frequently comment and speak very highly of Google when they make changes to their Algorithms. In fact, Google made the most recent major change on their 15 birthday which we celebrated just a few weeks ago. I’d written a fun blog on that day about some of the history with Google and their little animal names. See the blog called “Google Just Turned 15” dated September 29th 2013 Hummingbird is a new major change, however it is reported that Google may make as many as 500 minor updates in a single year…

Google the Search Engine

I know that it’s only been about one month since the roll out of Hummingbird. However, I thought it would be good to know what we have learned so far about this little feathered friend.  First of all I suspect that when looking for a name it occurred to them, that they may have wanted to name it after something quick, nimble, and still beautiful and powerful. I think they choose the right animal.

As with any other updates you only need to fear it if you’re using “Black Hat” SEO techniques, and we all know better than to believe anyone can keep using this poor quality SEO elements and believe they will win the SEO battle. Always use “White Hat,” high quality SEO procedures. Still it has been rumored that this update will affect a large number of search results.

Where is Google heading

There are several interesting parts to this update. The first most striking feature is the ability to handle “longer tail” search terms or queries. Google has long been trying to get inside the consumers brain and figure out what we really want, or are looking for. With this ability they are also rewarding the surfer with quality sites, pages or blogging content.  The next most interesting thing is its ability to integrate into the mobile markets more easily with the voice recognition features being built into all of our devices these days. I have recently seen a post that stated “pretty soon we will not even need a key pad or keyboard to perform a Google search.”

In Conclusion

Google still rocks today. I have to always applaud them for doing the right thing… again. And they always are looking into the future, and manage to predict or help control where our industry is going.  Again, happy 15th birthday, and long live all the little feathered and fury creatures Google throws our way!

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