Evergreen Content and SEO

Much more specifically, “Evergreen Content” is good SEO.  You might be thinking to yourself, Jim has clearly lost his mind this time and think what on earth is he talking about, and what on earth is evergreen content. I will explain what it is and how it will drive visitors to your site, and how it could consistently help you make money.

The origin of the term “evergreen content” was developed while thinking of nature and the evergreen tree. The thought being that evergreen trees never lose their leaves or needles. A normal oak, maple or aspen tree grow leaves in the spring and loose them every fall. You could say they are very short lived. On the other hand, an evergreen tree never shed their needles, or you could say they have staying power. So, evergreen content has staying power…

The right search terms

The following two graphs will explain a lot. The first of the two graphs shows the trends of two seperate terms. The blue line represent the search terms for “flight 370” (that is the blue line) until the loss of Malaysia Flight 370 the term was a flat line. However, see how it spiked with the story hit the news.




In the first graph the red line is presented by the term “plane crash” as you can see it is clearly a term that receives some search volume. But it also has many peaks and valleys. The peak in July of 2013 represents the San Francisco plane crash that landed short and killed several people.

Clearly the blue line is for the termFlight 370”and  has no staying power. The red line “plane crash” has some staying power but suffers many peaks and valleys as planes locally or nationally catch our attention. Still neither of these terms are “Evergreen Content.”



Look what happened to the chart when we add a new term that is truly “Evergreen Content.”  The term is represented by the gold line, and is the search volume for “flight” You might want to argue that flight is too much of a head keyword.  If you make that argument you are simply wrong. It is evergreen, look at the search volume over time, and to prove its evergreen status, it is trending upward.

In conclusion

“Evergreen Content” has staying power and will attract visitors and dollars into you site if it is written and crafted efficiently.  Although, we have several copywriters that work here with us, I think at the next staff meeting we will discuss “Evergreen Content.”

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