Disavow Link Tool

Google announces Disavow Link Tool?

That’s right Google has just announced the Disavow Link tool in Webmaster Tools. There is an excellent YouTube from Matt, “Disavow Tool Announced” (link at the end of this post)

How many times have you heard me say “Content is King” then LINKS are the next most valuable thing you can contro,l when you are concerned about search engin page ranking.  I must over emphasized that this tool is not for the average user. If you are, or have a “mom and pop” website, this is not for you. If you are a SEO professional or someone that has spent a lot effort to get good valued high Quality link, you have a great reason to be excited.

How it works:

Inside of you Google Webmaster tools kit there will be a form that needs to be filled out. Eventually Google will verify then disavow the link. It will be treated a lot like a “no follow” type of link. Google strongly suggests that you make every effort to remove this undesired link in the conventional fashion. When you’ve tried contacting, emailing, writing the non-desired site, and they still won’t or can’t take down or remove the link, you can submit the link disavow via this new tool to Google Webmasters tool set.

Be careful:

Google (Matt Cutts) warned us to be careful with this tool. Do not over use it, do not think of it as weapon to use against competitors. The tool it’s self is powerful. It will not only allow Google to ignore the link, it may also affect the linking sites page rank and search position. So be careful.

Timing also becomes an issue:

It can take weeks or even months for Google to digest, understand the link(s) before it takes any action. Links can be “Re Avowed” if you make a mistake. But it is far better to not remove it if it is appropriate. Again, this is only for Power Users.

In Conclusion:

The great news is that High Quality links by nature will have more value! You should always prize these types of superiority links. Links that are posted on a blog or obscure unrelated places can now have less of a negative impact. And quality links have more value!

Please watch Matt Cutts describe the tool.



Disavow tool available in your webmaster tool kits