Content Marketing

Content Marketing… Is a Gun:

Content Marketing is a Gun… more like a bullet. With all we know about the Penguin’s  and Panda concerns, I still have to congratulate Google. Their job is to deliver new, fresh, relevant content. Have their small animal initiatives have proven effective?

Content Marketing is a Gun:

The way Google and the other search engins have taken their job very seriously is impressive. When you think about the best way to deliver “relevant” content based on any search or keyword critirea, they have done it. Content is the only, best way to deliver real results. Content Marketing is the only, best solution. If Google is expected to deliver fresh results in their searches. As an SEO and marketing profesinals we have to do the same. Freash Content is the only target we need to hit.

The Bullet:

If we want to hit the mark, we must use content as a bullet. The target is clear; the weapon we use is up to us. However, the only clear choice is Content. Deploy content marketing and you will find the mark.

In Conclusion:

When we use content marketing correctly we will rank correctly. If we expect Google and the other search engines to render fresh, relevant results. We must deliver fresh, relevant content, via Content Marketing… Aim high, and win.