Content Marketing

Not every marketing campaign hits the mark. There are many reasons marketing campaigns fail, and today there are even more ways to fail. More than just the conventional media outlets, now you can fail online. Not just a simple web site failure, now you can fail on social media, and social networking too…

Fail Fast

I recently said that to a client. If you are going to fail, please fail fast. That might sound unusual from someone that makes their living building business’s up. However, my point was that if anyone were to fail, it would be far better to fail fast, and then they could learn from their mistakes, and move on quickly.

Measure & Learn Quickly

The internet has changed marketing in so many ways. One of the most exciting is the added value of Content Marketing. In the old conventional world, if any content marketing campaign failed, it would be very expensive. If you had marketing and promotional material printed. You would need to refocus, redesign, and then reprint (very expensive).

In today’s internet world, you can manage your content marketing campaign in real time. You can use powerful tools like Google Analytics to measure success or failure on a daily basis. We also have the advantage of using multiple outlets for our content marketing. Imagine the strength of A/B testing while using side by side measurements across several outlets and sites.

Complete Package

If you adhere to proven marketing practices for your content marketing promotions. They would require you to measure then adjust, measure then adjust again. The internet makes this easy and even faster, and effective. With all the advantages of content marketing, you can use many more mediums to keeping your campaign moving, growing and successful.

In Conclusion

Every Content Marketing campaign is strengthened by the number of online outlets leveraged. If you will make the effort to measure then adjust as needed, you will find greater success much more quickly. Be flexible, and make all campaigns content cohesive. Deliver a consistent message using content marketing and many channels you will win faster.

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