Blog on Blogging

I was recently asked why I go to such great efforts to blog. The question made me think just a little, I never thought of it a hard, or as a sacrifice. Occasionally I pass up on Sunday morning coffee with some friends, but I enjoy blogging, its fun and helps a lot with…

Basis of all Social Media

Many of the things we do affect out social media. Blogging is no different. Make the effort and connect your Facebook, Twitter, Linked –In, and Pintrest with your blogs you will see increase exposure in all social media. And don’t forget the looming author ranking. Google will look at all of you social media and blogging efforts to apply a rank to you.

Be an Expert

Blogging makes you and expert. You do not become an expert just because you write a blog. However, if you are doing it right, and do research, then think the process through you will gain knowledge on any topic, and thus position yourself as a knowledgble expert on that topic. Make sure you are clear, consistent, and provide accurate information.

Things to Blog about

My blogs always lend themselves to Search Engine Optimization. But this site lends itself to nothing but SEO and related topics, so that makes a great deal of sense.  However, you can start a blog on anything you care about. Some bloggers treat blogs like public journals or diaries. Some people used hobbies like hunting, of fishing as their blog topic.  I strongly suggest you use a topic that you are passionate about. That will always make your blog more fun for you, and interesting for the readers.

Blog Creatively

Remember that blogging is fun, blog creatively and often. Have real relevant content, and your readers will come back. Make it fun, entertaining, and pleasurable for the readers.

In conclusion

Blogging is not an effort, blog about what you love, and you will love to blog. Express yourself Cleary and readers will return to see what you have to say. O ya it will also help your sites ranking by providing new and fresh content on a regular basis.  BLOG ON, Bloggers!

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