A B Testing

What is A B testing?  In its simplest form it is a way to test conversion or sales from one version of a web page compared to another.  Usually you will have a “controlled” page. That is a page that has been on your site for a while, and for that page you should know or understand the conversion and sales scale. A new A B testing page will use page “B” as a variant or variable page. This is when you can throw all you known about internet marketing out the window…

A B Testing

SEO testing is as old as the internet. However,  A B testing uses real time conversion rates and sales data to make your sites more profitable and productive. If you have a site that has been up and running for some time, you have sales data that can be used as a base line for an improvement or additional variations. For example, if you offer free shipping, you may set up an A B testing page that offers a %25 discount instead.

If your new A B testing page out performs your controlled page, you might be heading down an avenue to help increase overall sales. The look and feel, as well as the offer may change in an A B testing environment. Maybe you clients will simply respond, or convert at a higher level with better graphics, or images. All things may be tested.

Real Time Data

I have a client where we are setting up and A B & C test specifically for keywords. This client has a very specific niche and has been struggling to find keywords with enough traffic to make them productive. Through A B testing of several different keywords we will soon discover the best types of keyword phrases, and then capitalize on those terms by expanding their category and increasing profitability and sales.

In Conclusion

A B testing is a SEO marketers dream. You can test and see immediate results, then change the promotion or sales program in mid-stream. Then test, measure and adjust again. This A B testing concept is one of the many things that make the internet so fun and exciting.

So keep testing, measuring  and re-testing.

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