Why we do what we doWhy we do what we do…
Sometimes it is nice to be reminded why we do what we do. Let me explain a little more. Last night I went to a high school homecoming football game. It was the first high school football game I have attended in years. I do have to say I love football. I played it when I was a little boy. I played pee wee football, and then grew into big boy leagues. I went on to play in high school and college ball.

When we grow up

It seems that some of the simple pleasures become much more complicated. Today we all have complex jobs. Clients that always push us to push the limits, and force us to extend our SEO strategies. Compel us to reach beyond what is generally expected and achievable.

Last night was thoroughly enjoyable. I reminded me of the simplicity of the game. High school boys are learning life’s lessons. There was a winning team and a losing team. Nobody got hurt, but some kids got knocked down and had to learn to stand back up. Some Cheerleaders fell over while doing their big stunts. 

Why we do what we do

It was thoroughly fascinating. A classic reminder why we do what we do. We all outgrew pee wee and high school games.  And most some still enjoy the highly competitive college football games. However, most of us, if you can afford it go to, and support a professional team.

Which very much reflects our business lives? Hopefully, we have all graduated from pee wee SEO, and today run complex strategies that include complicated social media components, with drip campaigns, complex linking and ever-growing content expansion and development.

Still, I enjoyed being reminded of simpler times, and days. When it was clear “Why we do what we do” was for the love and enjoyment of the game.

In Conclusion

I hope we always remember, why we do what we do. I also hope it is for more than just a paycheck. If we can remember simpler times when it was for the love of the game, and hopefully you won your homecoming game. It won’t always have to smell like popcorn and cheap perfume. Sometimes it smells like victory.

And always remember to have e2 Total Solutions help you put a winning game plane together.