Web Design – Online Marketing Packages

Your web design should attract visitors, get high search rankings, and not only  function, but funnel customers to the precise pages you want them to read. Our approach begins with an analysis of your customers’ behavior and motivations.  We define the goals of each customer segment and merge this information with  your business requirements to create a strategy that satisfies both.

We define a web design strategy with you that works for you and then optimize each of the packages below to best meet your needs and desires.

We make sure that your website will help you to build your business.

To gain some ideas on the layouts of our website themes visit our Web Design Studio.

Web Design – The Business Building Starter

This is an online marketing platform that sets a proper foundation. It is scalable and can grow as your business grows. This is a website that is based on a professionally design theme and the powerful WordPress software. The theme can be customized to reflect your branding. It will be hosted in a state-of-the-art hosting facility and include domain-based e-Mail.

 Web Design with WordPress

  • Photo Galleries (images attract and inspire)
  • Up to 10 content pages (content is King). Images and copy to be provided by the client
  • Editing of Page Copy Drafts (content is King) for SEO
  • A Contact Form (visitors need a good way to contact you)
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (we need to measure performance)
  • XML Site Map (a site map for the search engines)

Simple Payment Plan: 5 payments of $349 per month ($1,745). Hosting and e-Mail at $30 per month.

Includes WordPress software upgrades and an annual performance review.

A popular web design extra is complete copy writing with each page individually search engine optimized. A 10-page site is $850.

Web Design – Online Marketing – Soup to Nuts

Up-Front Marketing Study

We will help you to define and refine your specific online markets. We show you search volume which defines the best commercial opportunities and also the competition to help define which segments will be the most profitable and easy to penetrate.

Website Goal Setting

An online marketing plan needs goals and objectives. We need to set goals that are realistic (with a push) and that are well defined measurable and time bound.

Website Content and Website SEO Plan

We then define a content page for your website and mesh your content plan with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan. The content and SEO plan are based on the market study and the goals. Content could include deep content resources which add depth and variety of content. Deep Website Content pleases both website visitors and the search engines.

Website Build & Implementation

We then implement the plan. The site will be built with internal linking optimization and with full on-site optimization. An XML site map and Robots’ Text file is part of the build.

Website Performance Tracking Plan

We set up website traffic analytics and measure the performance of what we have created. Website Analytics goals will also be established and set up.

Post-Launch and Off-Site SEO (best practice linking)

We make modifications and adjustments to optimize performance after launch. We also define a linking plan to boost search position. To gain in-coming links to your website is essential for high search position. Learn more about On-Site and Off-Site Search Engine Optimization.

Best practice links are $1 per link per month and there is a once-off $3 set up fee per link. To learn more about our best practice link building offering visit our sister site Website Link Tactics.

Conversion Review and Improvement Plan

It is always important to continue to build and develop your website content. Always know your conversion and consider ways to improve your conversion. We can work to develop different versions of your key conversion pages and perform A/B Testing experiments. This web design plan includes 2 A/B test experiments.

Simple Payment Plan: 5 payments of $760 per month ($3,800). Hosting and e-Mail and monthly consulting at $99 per month. This includes 10-15 pages. Extensive graphic work and website copy will require additional investment costs.

A popular web design extra is complete copy writing with each page individually search engine optimized. A 10-page site is $850.

Web Design – eCommerceWeb Design - eCommerce - Web Design

We do our website design work using WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic publishing platform which is utilized everywhere. You can find the WordPress platform use on many top level websites. It is easy to use, has many nice plug-ins and is also very search engine friendly.

In simple words WordPress with the proper eCommerce plug-in can provide you with a fully functional eCommerce website.

The eCommerce platform that we select will be based on your specific needs but the two top WordPress eCommerce plug-ins that we use will cover any type of shop. If you have digital products then you can provide them online and allow a download of an audio file, eBook, or photo after payment.

There are numerous checkout system that we can use and we both Google Checkout and PayPal are popular options.

Specific project pricing can be defined once more details are known about the full nature of your project. If you populate the store then a eCommerce web design would be in the range of $2,500 to $3,000