Spped Velocity or Speed, means something completely different to everyone. In addition, Velocity means something completely different than speed. Let’s consider this for a second. Velocity is “the speed of something in a given direction” Speed, on the other hand, is “the rate at which something happens, changes or is done” I guess we cannot understand the Velocity or Speed of anything until we understand its rate.


I have studied the entire page of Wikipedia on Rate. No place, not one time does it mention Speed, and Velocity only gets one kind of cameo mention. I find that interesting when considering the world as a whole.  Rate quite literally is;

“A measure, quantity, or frequency, typically one measured against some other quantity or measurement.”

However, the Wiki page on Measurement states;Speedy the dog

“Measurement is the assignment of a number to a characteristic of an object or event, which can be compared with other objects or events”

Now we have gotten to where this blog started to go, literally the direction where I wanted it to go. A “mathematical assignment of numbers comparing one event to another event” Wheew.

I had the Velocity or Speed Link Building and Social Media as a topic today. Velocity or Speed when used in comparison to the rate, creates a very interesting dynamic. Think of the mathematical assignment comparing one event to another. What I mean to say is the mathematical assignment of Link building compared to the Velocity or Speed at which the ranking rate (event) is affected.

Link Building

hyper speedBuilding links is a mainstay of good or best practices for any serious SEO professional. The velocity or the speed of the links is important. Consider the way Google might perceive your efforts if you drop 100 or 500 links on a site all at once. Then ignore them for a given period. Ya, that would look bad, or appear unnatural to Google.

A far more effective approach would be to control the velocity or speed over time. Affecting the outcome of the event, and rate in a very positive manner.

In Conclusion

The Need for Speed published 01/01/2017, or the AMP blog published 04/16/2017 and SEO has many moving parts 01/27/2013 display a very consistent theme over a long period. Velocity or Speed effect SEO in many ways.

Over time they both are important. Consider these factors when applying a serious pit crew speedyLinking Strategy or Social Media Strategy to your sites. Growth, maturity, staying power are all part of a long-term strategy, not designed for instant gratification. You will only win the battle for ranking by deploying Velocity or Speed appropriately. You do this by understanding rate.

Moreover, always have e2-Total Solutions develop a long-term strategy that involves the rate of your SEO, though Velocity or Speed.