The internetThe Internet – As happens all too often, I sit down to write a blog, then end up with something entirely different from what I started out to write. Today was no different. My topics are primarily SEO, with a little of Jim’s own experience and perspective added. Today I was going to write about “How the Internet” works, focusing on the pipe, bandwidth and maybe speed.  What I ended up with was a list of very interesting stats about the Internet.


I guess, to begin with, we need a basis as a reference. All of these stats I will give you are based on or are in the current year of 2018. While researching this blog, I started to go down the rabbit hole on several occasions. I had to keep coming back to the singular task at hand, this blog. I do want to mention how fascinating the internet is in general.

Obviously, we all know it started as an effort to get two “supercomputers” to just talk to one another. Then quickly the military saw the advantages of having open communication between several points at once. Then keeping the channel open when one or more nodes or hubs were destroyed or knock out. Then Al Gore got involved, and the rest is, as they say, History.

Back to the Internetconnected

The following is a just brief list of current statistics about the internet. If you want to see them in real time, I suggest going to the site: < > It is mind-blowing, I hate to say I could just watch it for hours. But… I could watch it for hours.

And the site seems fairly accurate. For example, I make a statement that Google will do roughly 6.5 billion searches a day. I am writing this before noon, and according to “,” there have been just about 2.5 billion searches today. If you take into account, my location and Greenwich mean time, etc. It looks to be very accurate. Anyway here we go:

~ There are 3,812,564,450 worldwide internet users
~ 3.8 billion people use the internet at least once a day (that is 1/2 the world’s population)
~ Google performs 40,000 search quires a second, or over 6 billion a day
~ Google has an estimated, just over I million servers worldwide
~ The internet uses 2% of all the power/energy humans produce
~ The U.S. makes up only 8.2% of the world wide web users
~ America is not the most connected country by %. The U.S. boasts 88.1% U.S., 80.2% Europe, 69.6% Australia,          following Iceland and the Falkland Islands with a whopping 96.2%
~ There are 332 million registered domain names, that number increases consistently 7% a year
~ The most expensive domain ever purchased was “ “ which sold for $872 million us dollars
~ The first website was published August 6, 1991
~ Today 29.6% of all websites are WordPress, if you add Joomla and Drupal, the total just over 60%
~ A 1-second delay in loading can cost 7% of your traffic to leave
~ One half a billion dollars is lost every year to slow websites
~ The average load speed for “First Page” sites on Google is less than 2000 milliseconds
~ 43% of the population is expected to buy at least one thing online this year, 28% shop weekly
~ 60% of all searches are on a mobile device
~ On average user will spend 3 hours and 23 minutes connected to the internet or device every day
~ 42% of all traffic online is generated by a robot

In Conclusion

Google powered

Actual Google Data Center

As you can see, the internet is a rabbit hole. I could go on all day and find stats or figures that fascinate me, almost beyond measure. The internet is here to stay. I occasionally run into “Brick and Mortar” store owners that believe they can survive while ignoring the obvious.

If malls are closing, and major players like Wallmart and Costco are trying to play catch up to online sells and shopping, that should say something… doesn’t it!

Moreover, we should all pay attention to the internet stats stated in this blog. I think most importantly pay attention to your sites speed, the medium used by your clients and shoppers, and by all means, always have e2-Total Solutions help you with all The Internet initiative you may have.
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