Heart of SEOThe Heart of SEO, I recently had a little medical procedure done. They fixed an unusual rhythm in my heart. It was called a Cardiac Arrhythmia. No don’t worry, don’t panic, and please no flowers (yet), it was the surprisingly easy procedure. And to my enemies, my untimely demise is only a rumor, however; it did require an overnight stay mostly because I am a terrible patient. And I did manage to re-open the incision once I was moved out of recovery and up to the room. That was kind of exciting, seeing your heart pump out a little squirt of blood with each beat of your heart.

Heart of SEO

However, it did give me a little extra time to consider SEO. I know, everyone told me to “focus on myself” and recovering from such a condition would be much more speedy, but as I said it was pretty easygoing…almost too comfortable. Only 24 hours after being on the table I was recovering nicely at home. Meanwhile, I did find many comparisons to the Heart of your SEO while I laid there waiting to be released.

SEO heart

First of all, your heart is life, without it you die. Well, quality SEO is the heart of your website, without it quite possibly your business will die or fail. In life, it is overwhelmingly important to maintain good heart health. As with your website, quality SEO is important to be maintained, tweaked or checked quite often. Exercise it often, work out, and have your health monitored. It was during a routine check-up several years ago, I first learned of the foreseeable condition.

Just having knowledge of a potential condition, did not allow me to avoid the problem. But being aware of the risks, I was very aware when the condition raised its ugly head. You should be aware of your sites Heart of SEO, so if there is a minor algorithm change you will be prepared and correct the problem in a quick and very timely manner.

Good Health

I am in great overall health, but because I was aware of the potential issue I was able to address it quickly and correct the problem. The long-term prognosis is 100% bright. The Doctors were able to permanently address the issue and they see no future issues with my heart health or Heart of SEO for my business.

In Conclusion

I am in perfect rhythm today, because I was aware, and prepared for the predictable problem. Today my heart health is awesome and so is the Heart of SEO on my site, as well as many of my clients. Be prepared, take precautions, and prepare for the unknown. Fortunately, my issue was anticipated, so I was prepared. Both able and willing to address the issue when it arose.

We should all be prepared, able and willing to address the Heart of SEO issues when they arise.

And always have e2-Total Solutions prepare for and fix the Heart of SEO on your site.